Who am I?

An executive leader and coach who landed her first job in the US without formal education or degree from the US! Ambitious and high achieving woman who recently got promoted thrice in a span of less than 2.5 years.

I have lived in NYC & Seattle and broken rules and barriers - getting a foot in the door, navigating corporate landscape in the USA, pitching to companies/clients , understanding cultural etiquettes across the country to ultimately get into leadership roles within impact driven orgs and lead the space I am in now!

Prior to being in the US, I was a successful Ed Tech entrepreneur who started her career with Deloitte Consulting in India.

With 13+ years of experience leading F500 companies & higher education institutes to transform their business and empowering successful teams globally, I am now on a mission to help ambitious women like you to scale new career heights and transform your life with confidence!

My clients have received promotions & raises 1.5-2X and got into roles that they could only dream of thus improving their job satisfaction by 2X without being burnt out. 

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Services Offered

Career Strategy 

50 min Career clarity consultation call 

Career Reinventor

Navigate career challenges as a new leader

Career Accelerator

One on One coaching to ascend in your career